Father’s Day Is The Best Time For Tours On Grand Canyon Choppers

November 15, 2017

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Your dad’s holiday is on Sunday, June 16, and it will be here soon. A fantastic way to celebrate is to treat dad to a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon that departs from Tusayan, Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park Airport, or from an airfield in Vegas. These are very popular on dad’s holiday so be sure to book your flight as soon as you can. All flights are running on their regular schedules, including early morning and sunset tours.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours Of The South Rim

There are two chopper tours of the South Rim, one is a 30 minute flight and the second is a longer one that takes 50 minutes. I strongly urge you to consider the longer flight. You should also consider treating dad to a deluxe tour. The deluxe tours use top of the line EcoStar 130 helicopters that offer the ultimate in comfort. These choppers offer these great benefits:

– They are designed for sightseeing with 180 degree wraparound windshields

– The large cabins provide ample personal space

– Stadium-style seating with all seats facing forward

– The EcoStar flight of the South Rim covers about three-fourths of the entire National Park

You can also add on an exciting ground tour to your trip. The most popular option always seems to be the 4×4 Jeep Safari, which tours hard-to-reach rim highlights before pulling up to the edge of the rim at sunset. It’s only offered at 3 p.m. and later.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours From Las Vegas

If you depart from Las Vegas, you can catch your chopper at a heliport in Boulder City, Henderson, or the Vegas Strip. Strip departures are more expensive than the suburban options. The Vegas helicopter tours are available as air-only trips and landing tours.

My favorite air-only trip is the upgraded, deluxe version. How come? Well, it uses the EcoStar 130 ‘copter I mentioned earlier. Also, you might get some extra air time, depending upon your tour operator.

On the way to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, you will fly over the scenic Lake Mead and the immense Hoover Dam. Other notable sights you will see include the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon Skywalk before your chopper turns around and heads back to Vegas.

You should consider taking a landing tour. One of them flies you down to the bottom of the canyon where you can enjoy a scenic champagne brunch or lunch. You can also add on a fun raft trip along the Colorado River.

Other landing tours set down at the top of the rim and give you 2 hours for exploration. By all means, check out Eagle Point and Guano Point, but make sure you leave enough time to do the Glass Bridge. The bridge is an experience not to be missed since it lets you stand on a glass floor 4000 feet above the bottom of the canyon, and 70 feet beyond the edge of the rim!

Booking Seats For Your Trip

Avoid using sites like Viator, Expedia, or Priceline to book your seats. You will pay more if you do. Instead, go to the tour operator’s official website to get your tickets. Buying direct from the tour operator’s website saves about 30% off the price of your seats!

Summing Up

Dad’s Day is almost here, and it’s the perfect occasion for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. These tours make memories that last forever.

I recommend upgrading any air-only or landing tour to the deluxe version if you can swing it. Buy your tickets soon, because these tours are very popular on special occasions and they sell out quickly. Buy direct from the tour operator’s website so you get the low Internet rate. Keep in mind, you have to complete your transaction online to get the steepest discount.

Useful Techniques for Successful Outriggers Walleye Fishing

November 15, 2017

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This piece is presented by FLAT Rigs outriggers, shock cord snubber, and rigging kit.

Outriggers Walleye fishing can be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences for anyone who likes to fish. Catching these particular fish isn’t the easiest thing, however some of what stirs up the interest in catching fish is when it is challenging. Like any other types of fishing, learning to catch walleye involves learning about their habits and the best places and times to find them. Plans for outriggers walleye fishing will be concentrated on in this commentary to assist you in gaining the best outcome when you are out in the water next time.

The season of spring could be a great time to reel in walleye fish. In early spring, the walleyes will begin spawning and, as the water gets warmer, you have the opportunity to catch quite a few of them. Amid this season, the most opportune place to reel in walleyes is near the shoreline. Sandy areas several feet from the shore are where the fish can spawn, and are often the best fishing spots. Before you go fishing, be aware of the water temperatures. Every now and then during the spring months, the temperature can change drastically, when it is cool but then all of a sudden it becomes warm; weather such as this pattern isn’t profitable for hooking walleye fish. Until the temperature of the water rises gradually and consistently, don’t go. During this period, one is apt to reel in those smallish males that stick nearby the spawning places.

Outriggers Walleyes are fish with some unusual characteristics, especially when it comes to their eyes. Their eyes are large, bulging and glossy, and often seem to glow the way cats’ eyes do. They have the capability of seeing in very dim lighting and this is not usual for most fish.

Outriggers Walleyes have an unusual pigment in their eyes that allows them to see in dark lighting. Among fish, they hold the status of a great hunter due to this extra pigment that allows them to see at night or in cloudy water. Thus, is would be an excellent idea to fish for walleyes after dark. They will have the ability to see your bait when other fish would not in dim conditions.

When you are fishing for walleyes; the more you know about the fish the better your chances. In this respect, you will be more apt for success with the more information you have amassed. If planning a fishing expedition to a place that you might be unsure about; do a little research prior to arrival. If you consult your computer, you will likely have access to most of the familiar outriggers walleye fishing sites. If you can find some folks from the specific area you intend to fish; you could have more of an upper hand when you begin fishing. The shopkeeper at the local bait shop may know a few of the secrets that will help your outriggers walleye fishing endeavor. You cannot have too much bait; you may want to pick some up. So many men, women, and kids enjoy fishing. It’s a great activity for the whole family. It’s true that you will have exciting experiences when fishing, but you will also find that it is an extremely relaxing and restful sport. Learning patience and becoming more alert to your surroundings are two of the advantages of taking up fishing. Your fishing experiences will be even more beneficial and rewarding if you subscribe to a magazine about fishing and continue your education of this worthwhile sport.

Good bye for now, look for our next piece of writing, coming shortly, from FLAT Rigs outriggers, shock cord snubber, and rigging kit.

Hassle-Free Ways You Can Improve Your Ability To Catch Salmon

November 15, 2017

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We hope you enjoy this piece introduced to you by FLAT Rigs outriggers, shock cord snubber, and rigging kit.

Salmon fishing is a great way to spend your leisure time, whether it’s a few hours on a Sunday morning or a month long getaway at a fishing lodge. No matter what type of salmon you’re concentrating on, there are tactics that will improve your chances of catching some. So let’s go over some ways to make sure you have success the next time you go outriggers salmon fishing.

Canada is one of the most amazing places that you can go fishing for salmon, which is blessed to have a large number of locations for this form of fishing. Despite if it is Quebec, British Columbia or Nova Scotia, you can come across some areas that are optimal for outriggers salmon fishing. These are also really good places to set up a trip, which is the reason a lot of people set up fishing trips to Canada. If you want to have the best chance of success, you should charter a fishing boat, as this way you can be sure of going to the best locations. For starters, you should make up your mind about what part of Canada you desire to travel to and do some investigating of the fishing boat charters. One technique that is often used in outriggers salmon fishing is jigging, which involves using your lures or bait in a way that makes the fish bite. This is something that a skilled fisherman can do and make it look easy, but in truth it takes some time and practice to get it right. The goal is to cause your lure to look incredibly lifelike, in order for the salmon to assume that it is a fish and want to grab onto it. So you are persistently letting your bait be at different heights in the water until you maybe get a bite. The most efficient way to go jigging is to use a Fish Finder so that you know you are in an area that actually has some fish nearby.

Other than bringing along the appropriate tackle when you go outriggers salmon fishing, you also should be set for the elements. Getting a pair of waders is also a good idea, particularly if you plan to be wading in brooks or streams. Otherwise, you can get cold very fast, especially if you are fishing in some of the Northern climates that are so good for outriggers salmon fishing. A hat, whether it is a simple baseball cap or a traditional fishing hat, can help protect you from the sun and prevent glare from disturbing you. Polarized sunglasses can be an effective tool. This gear will not only make you more comfortable, it will make it easier for you to see, and thus increase your chances of success.

Salmon fishing is a sport that becomes a lifetime pursuit for many people who try it. Basically it comes down to you learning more every time you go fishing and understanding how to deal with each type of salmon. Even if you are simply someone that likes to eat fish, and you want to learn how to catch it, or you want to get some exercise, outriggers salmon fishing is a great way to spend a weekend.

Crossbow bolts-Encourages the act of hunting

November 15, 2017

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Hunting is a good choice for the people who love the outdoors. You need proper equipments and quality hunting accessories to enjoy the hunting process at your best. There are a great many number of hunting accessories developed for the archery lovers and are in the market now to improve your performance. These high quality accessories are developed to improve your skills in archery.

Your percentage of success depends on the type of bow you are using. Crossbows are more suitable for your target practice. You can achieve faster speed and get accurate shots using crossbows. If you have archery skills then you can use the bows.

You can get various types of arrows in the market. The type of arrow you use will depend upon the weight of the bow and its draw length. They are made of either carbon or plastic. So purchase the arrow according to the construction of bows that will best suit to your needs and bows construction.

Crossbow bolts are one of the vital hunting accessories. These are used by the hunters all over the world. The hunting style (using crossbow) is getting popular all around US. It is the fastest hunting style today. Attempting any shot without using the bolts ever produces a good result. There are available many kinds of bolts using which you can increase your efficiency. The laws about using crossbow bolts are greatly relaxed. And this simply increases the efficiency of the practice of your favorite sports and for some others it encourages the act of enjoying the hunting experience. Moreover, the bolts are a great way to hunt. Its price greatly varies depending upon the style, model, width and the materials used in it. So it is wiser to inquire the price quoted by different online shops and then make a decision which one to buy.

Keep in mind you need to have a perfect bow to be successful in the hunting process. Most of the people repeat the mistake by learning so much about hunting gear and finally choose an ordinary one that cannot help them any way. In this way neither you can be good at dear hunting nor can you improve your skills by using the general bows. However a Horton bow can help you greatly, can make a perfect aim at the same time will effectively improve your skills.

When you decide to purchase Horton crossbows you will definitely come across a wide variety. Generally this kind of arrow comes in both carbon and plastic shaft.

You can find a lot many sites selling quality compound crossbows and its accessories. Browse through Maitland compound bows USA, Parker bows, Outdoors Experience, Martin etc, and get quality crossbows from all of them. Simultaneously improve the act of hunting.

Getting your hunting equipment ready for the season!

March – the perfect time for hunting, is arriving quick. And it’s time that you check out the stores for some hunting equipment. Although, it must be over a year since you last touched your hunting equipment, and some of it might need a repair or even replacement. The first thing you’d do is to get out all of it from the stores and check which one of your hunting gears needs to be replaced. The next thing to do would be to check out stores which are offering discounts and offers.

Check your compound bows, arm guards, sunglasses and other accessories. Pull the string and see if it has been frayed. Although, just changing the string would make your bow active, you’d always want to have a newer and better bow. Besides, you’ll also want other accessories like shooting targets, stands, decoys and some personal gear to be ready for hunting again.

Now, there are a large number of businesses which would be offering hunting accessories online. A quick Google search for ‘hunting accessories’ would enlist more than a thousand results. Most of these sites might similar to you, in terms of products and policy. In such a scenario, one thing which you’d be considering is the amount of discount being offered. However, I would offer you one very simple advice – higher discount doesn’t always mean that you get the cheapest deal. A company might offer you high discounts but on exorbitantly high prices and with loads of hidden charges. Hence, you always need to look for the best deal and not the highest discounts.

When searching online for a good deal, you’d be confused among the huge plethora of sellers on the net. And it would take a lot of time and effort to find the one which has the best deals. However, while I was casually surfing the net sometime back, I found this website selling all types of hunting equipment crossbows, targets, quivers, etc. – outdoorsexperience.com. Since then, I have buying all my hunting gear from this website. Each product on the website is made by professionals using high quality materials which ensure high level of efficiency and precision. Besides, when I compared the prices to that of other sellers, I noticed a wide disparity. Prices and pretty reasonable and you can be sure that you’ll get most of the items without burning a hole in your pocket.

The Grand Canyon by Helicopter – Best Prices

November 15, 2017

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When you take a vacation to Arizona or Vegas, you really need to include a side trip to the Grand Canyon by taking a helicopter tour. Seeing it from the air gives you a completely different perspective and does mean you can see more of it in a shorter period of time.

If you plan to depart from Vegas, you get to choose from several tour operators and flight options. It is therefore important that you spend some time looking through the different names before deciding which one you would like to make a booking with.

An advantage of a helicopter tour is that it doesn’t take long to get to the canyon by chopper. You can get to the West Rim from Vegas in just 45 minutes. By comparison, it takes a bus nearly three hours. So if you take a bus tour it will take you all day to get to the canyon and back, but it only takes a few hours when you go by chopper. That gives you plenty of time to take in other vacation activities later in the day, which is important when your time is limited.

When you compare helicopter tours, be sure to select one that uses sightseeing choppers with over sized viewing windows. They should be slightly different to the normal commercial type as they are adapted to give better views than you would normally expect so you can really take on board what you are flying over.

Make sure that you know which rims are included in the chopper tours. To see as much of the Grand Canyon as you can, you want to take in both the West and South Rims if you can but you’ll need to do it on different trips. In general:

1. Go to the West Rim if you’d like thrills and adventure. It’s the only place where you can take a copter trip to the bottom;

2. Go to the South Rim if you would like incredible scenic beauty. From Las Vegas, you’re going to want to book an airplane/helicopter package as the distance between the two destinations is beyond range for most choppers.

One of the best ways to pinpoint the best Grand Canyon helicopter tours is to read reviews and feedback from customers that you find on the tour operator websites. When you read honest reviews from fellow travelers, you get a real good idea on whether a particular air tour is an ideal choice for you.

When you look at prices, you may be surprised to discover how affordable aerial tours of the Grand Canyon are, still, be sure to compare offers to get the best deal. Don’t forget to read the small print so you understand the terms and conditions associated with your ticket before you buy it.

So going on Grand Canyon copter tours really is something you must do if you plan on staying in this part of the United States. Viewing the Grand Canyon from the air is an amazing experience you don’t want to miss.

The Grand Canyon – South Rim Smooth Water Float Tours

November 15, 2017

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Searching for the Grand Canyon smooth-water rafting excursion that has it all? Here’s one that features a smooth-water float trip, a backcountry Jeep ride, as well as an plane flight that will soar over in thirty minutes what might take days to experience by walking.

This seasonal trip (runs from April thru November) begins with a plane flight out of the South Rim’s Grand Canyon National Park Airport. The plane heads east where you’ll see The Navajo Indian Reservation, Painted Desert, as well as the very stretch of Colorado River on which you’ll be touring.

You are going to deplane at Page, AZ, and transfer to a 4×4 Jeep for a back country trip to well-known Antelope Canyon, home to slot canyons. These narrow pathways, a few of which hardly allow a bunch walk single-file between them, are made of beautifully weathered Navajo sandstone and therefore are a photographer’s paradise.

The Jeep then takes you to awe-inspiring Glen Canyon Dam, a 700-foot behemoth that proudly tames the mighty Colorado River. You’ll burrow through a two-mile access tunnel until you get to the banks of the river where you’ll board your professional-grade, motorized river raft.

The float ride travels to Horseshoe Bend, a wonderful “U” in the river that beautifully contrasts the river’s turquoise waters against the iridescent orange sandstone cliffs. Further downstream, you’ll get out on a sandy seaside and go on a rapid walk to view a set of historical petroglyphs.

You’ll carry on and pontoon down the Colorado before you reach the historical town of Lee’s Ferry, established by John D. Lee, who was hired by the Mormon Church to run the ferry service so church members could make their way south. Building of Navajo Bridge in 1928 closed down the ferry. Nowadays, the town, which includes an old fort as well as trading post, is the kick off point for multi-day white-water expeditions.

Lee’s Ferry is additionally the place you’ll transfer to a climate-controlled luxury coach and make your way back to Grand Canyon National Park. On the way, you’ll see from ground level whatever you covered previously by air. Additionally there is a halt at Cameron Trading Post, which sells real Navajo Indian crafts.

During summer, bring plenty of sunscreen and dress in loose-fitting clothes. I also recommend a hat along with a brim. Swimming is encouraged, so either wear your trunks at the get-go or put on your suit beneath your garments. Avoid dehydration by drinking lots of water, which is going to be supplied as part of the excursion.

Excellent guides make this trip amazing. The aircraft section has a recorded narration translated in 10 languages. Your river guide is familiar with the Colorado like the back of his hand and is pleased to talk about the area’s geology and natural background. Bus motorists are well qualified on the wonderful scenery and points of interest you’ll be passing through on your way back to the South Rim.

I find this float visit with airplane journey and bus journey to be one of the best trip deals provided at the South Rim. Additionally it is priced right. But savvy travelers can get a much better bargain if they buy it on the Internet. Amazingly, I’ve observed it discounted by nearly 35%.

This 1-day smooth-water float tour is an excellent method to enjoy the Grand Canyon. Making it a much more wonderful bundle would be the aircraft, jeep, and bus segments. Kids aged 4 years and up are able to do it. And there aren’t any rigorous fitness needs. All that you should bring will be your feeling of adventure. Then prepare yourself for the best canyon encounter of your lifetime.