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June 19, 2019


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A Modern Way to Perform Accurate Audits in Stores

Retail outlets are sometimes difficult to manage most especially if there are lots of branches in different locations. Discover more about Foko Retail software by reading until the end of this article. Foko Retail is a modern way which will offer more convenience to the brand managers so you have to check it out! Using this application is very simple so there is no training needed for the users.

You can also send photos and files to anyone in the team. By using this application, the members of the company can be able to discuss their plans and strategies for the business. Moreover, you can leave comments on the photos so you can express your opinion about them. As a result, you can be able to save time and effort. In this way, you can be able to determine if there are any developments in the business. Furthermore, you can also organize the files such as the photos and documents. You can be able to access this application even if you are outside of your house. By using the application, the managers of the stores don’t have to visit the branches since they can monitor the situations through the photos and reports of the members.

You can even send files and documents to other team members with the help of this application. Store audits will not be too much complicated with the help of this application. They will not have to waste too much time in jotting down all the details on a paper. The regional managers can be able to receive essential information about the products in a faster manner. You can find all the files on a single platform so you don’t have to dedicate too much time in finding them. In this way, the supervisors can be able to stay in touch with the members of the team in a regular basis.

With the use of this application, team members don’t even have to use Excel spreadsheets so they can be able to save much time. If you are curious about Foko Retail software, you can request a demo so you can discover more about the provider’s capabilities. The tasks of the brand managers and visual merchandisers will be easier with the help of this application. The supervisors can be able to answer the questions of the members in a fast manner with the help of this application.

In this way, they can be able to satisfy the needs of the clients and they can gain higher profits. If the business is growing and developing, the company owner must use this software so he can monitor the situations in different branches.